Our services
  • CNC milling with a 3-axis milling center
  • CNC milling with a 5 axis milling center
  • 3D form milling
  • Conventional turning
  • Flat grinding
  • Individual and small-batch  production as well as medium batch production
  • Component assembly

This services are carries out by third parties:

  • CNC turning
  • Wire cutting and sink erosion
  • Heat treatment (glowing,  tempering, nitriding, … )
  • Surface treatment (anodizing, nickel plating, … )
  • Glas beads and sandblasting
We work with these materials
  • Different steel alloys such as stainless steels or tool steels even in hardened conditions
  • Copper and copper materials such as brass, bronze, nickel silver, tungsten copper
  • Aluminium and aluminium alloy
  • Titan and titan alloy
  • Plastics
  • Nickel-base alloy such as inconel or hastelloy
  • Special alloy such as kovar and invar
CNC machining center
  • CNC machining center Hermle C30 UP (X 850mm, Y 700mm, Z 500mm, A -30° bis +115°, C 360° endless; simultaneous) with PW160 disk changers
  • CNC machining center Hermle U740 (X 915mm, Y 500mm, Z 500mm, B -5° bis +95°, C 360°; simultaneous) with Lang Eco-Compact 20-fold disk changers
  • CNC machining center Hermle B300 (X 800mm, Y 600mm, Z 500mm)
  • CNC machining center Hermle UWF 902 (X 600mm, Y 450mm, Z 500mm)
  • CNC machining center Bridgeport VMC1000 (X 1000mm, Y 500mm, Z 500mm)
  • Quaser MV 184 P (X 1020mm, Y 610mm, Z 610mm)

The machining centers are programmed with the modern software CAD/CAM (Hyper Mill)

  • Flat grinding machine Jung HF-50 (grind-length 500mm; grind-width: 200m)
Measuring machines
  •  Heigh sensor Mahr Digimahr 816 CL
  •  Carl Zeiss two-coordinate measurement machine ZKM 01-250C
  •  Surface measuring machine
  •  Zeiss stereomicroscope Stemi DV4
  •  All common garage measurement machines